Executive Board

The first Executive Board is appointed and approved by the General Assembly of May 2017 for a maximum period of 3 years until May 2020.


  • President: Kristine Sørensen (Denmark)
  • Vice-president: Peter Chang (Taiwan)
  • Secretary-General: Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi (United States)
  • Scientific Affairs: Michael Paasche-Orlow (United States)
  • Professional Development: Diane Zamir-Levin (Israel)
  • Membership: Gill Rowlands (United Kingdom)
  • Global Policies: Jürgen Pelikan (Australia)
  • Strategical Planning: Robert Logan (United States)
  • Business Planning: Michael Villaire (United States)
  • Legal Affairs: Chris Trudeau (United States)
  • Africa: Guda Alemayehu (Ethiopia)
  • Asia: Tin Tin Su (Malaysia)
  • North-America: Wilma Alvarado-Little (United States)
  • Europe: Dominique Vogt (Switzerland)
  • East-Mediterranean: Open
  • Latin-America: Open

IHLA Secretariat

  • Aileen Kantor, Marketing
  • Yolanda Sutherland, Web Designer