Date: April 15, 2021 Time : USA/Canada: PST 7:00, CST 9:00, EST 10:00; Brazil: 11:00; UK: 15:00; CET: 16:00; Israel/Ethiopia: 17:00; Taiwan/Malaysia: 22:00

People with intellectual disabilities constitute a high-risk group in relation to several diseases. Promoting their health literacy could be highly beneficial in the management of health information and making informed decisions. However, intellectual disability (ID) is associated with reduced communicative and cognitive abilities, reading and writing skills. On the other side they have good resources like close contact with health professionals in everyday life. This leads to the following question: To what extent can health literacy be applicable for people with intellectual disabilities?

The aim of this webinar is to explore this question. For this purpose, clarification of the understanding of health literacy and an overview of the current state of research is given. Possible special limitations and resources in relation to health literacy are examined via project examples. In this context, possible conclusions are drawn in order to discuss: To what extent is the idea of health literacy applicable to people with intellectual disabilities, and if not, what does it require to?

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