Webinar #6: Health Literacy for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities  Date: April 15, 2021 Time : USA/Canada: PST 7:00, CST 9:00, EST 10:00; Brazil: 11:00; UK: 15:00; CET: 16:00; Israel/Ethiopia: 17:00; Taiwan/Malaysia: 22:00 People with intellectual disabilities constitute a high-risk group in relation to several diseases. Promoting their health literacy could be highly beneficial [...]

March News for IHLA Members brings the Webinar #5 Health Literacy Explorers, one of our newest interest groups on the experiences of young health literacy professionals facing similar opportunities & challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The IHLA interest group on Migrant Health Literacy will offer a workshop in collaboration with the Health Literacy Policy and [...]

IHLA Webinar #5: Health Literacy Explorers: Opportunity, Innovation, Mindset during COVID-19 Announcements, IHLA Events Webinar #5: Health Literacy Explorers: Opportunity, Innovation, Mindset during COVID-19 Date: March 24, 2021 Time : USA/Canada: PST 6:00, CST 8:00, EST 9:00; Brazil: 10:00; UK: 14:00; CET: 15:00; Israel/Ethiopia: 16:00; Taiwan/Malaysia: 22:00 The outbreak of COVID-19 has particularly impacted the non-formal [...]

Health Literacy Solidarity. In this time of turmoil, the International Health Literacy Association focuses on global solidarity. October is #HealthLiteracyMonth. We are asking IHLA members to contribute quotes, graphics, and impressions on how health literacy strengthens global health and solidarity. A selection will form the new book #IHLASolidarity. To contribute, email contact@globalchealthliteracyacademy.org Vaccine Literacy for Global [...]

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