Webinar #4: COVID-19 Vaccine Literacy for Global Community Protection Date: October 29, 2020 Time : USA/Canada: PST 6:30, CST 8:30, EST 9:30; Brazil: 10:30; UK: 14:30; CET: 15:30; Israel/Ethiopia: 16:30; Taiwan/Malaysia: 21:30 Join this webinar to consider vaccine hesitancy and COVID-19 misinformation, critical health literacy and the right to know about vaccine risks and benefits, and [...]

An international panel of experts present updated research regarding digital health literacy opportunities and challenges to address the COVID-19 pandemic across stages in the lifespan. Join this Webinar to learn of recent developments, to consider what actions you can put into practice, and to join in the global discussion on this timely topic. Register Here [...]

IHLA Webinar series on Health Literacy Response to COVID-19.  Learn about Taiwan’s Response to COVID-19: Collaborative Crisis Communication & Resilience. Speakers include Hsien-Ho Lin, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University on Epidemiology and County Experiences.  Jen-Kuei Peng, Chief Executive Officer, New Southbound Health Center, National Taiwan University Hospital on the local viewpoint. And James [...]

International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) Webinar series on Global Health Literacy Response to COVID-19. Never before has the need for health literacy been so critical. Thank you for joining us. Today and throughout the series, you will hear from leading international health literacy experts discuss the global impact of the pandemic and offer health literacy [...]

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